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To report a lost or stolen debit or ATM card after business hours call (888) 849-6046.

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UCB Account Analysis

With business account analysis, United Community Bank gives you a way to take advantage of the balances you keep in your account. Although federal law says for-profit businesses can't earn interest on their checking accounts, you can enjoy the benefits described below.Contact

How it Works
Each month, we compare the costs of the services you use with the value of the balances you keep in your UCB checking account. You get a monthly statement that shows:

  • The value of your average positive ledger balances
  • The value of your average collected balances
  • The charge for average negative collected balances, if any
  • The net balances available to support the level of activity on your account
  • Activity charges for services you used during the month

How You Benefit
Account analysis helps your business two ways. First, it ensures you pay only for the services you use - unlike checking accounts that charge a flat monthly fee or require you to maintain a minimum monthly balance. This service also helps you manage your accounts to your best advantage. You can plan to maintain balances so you completely cover the costs of nearly any United Community Bank service you use.

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