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Hoorays for A’s!

At UCB our INTEREST is in YOU! We think it’s important to reward you for all of the hard work that you put into earning A’s in school, and we are pleased to introduce our Hoorays for A’s program. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Bring in your report card to any UCB location.
  2. For each A (or equivalent grade) you have earned in five primary subjects you will receive $1 deposited into your Minor Savings account. That’s up to $5 each quarter and up to $20 each school year.
  3. In addition, with each quarterly report card visit, you will be entered into an annual grand prize drawing to select a $100 Savings Account Winner!

There is even Extra Credit! For each entry you receive in the grand prize drawing, your school will also receive an entry into an annual drawing for a school prize of $250. If your entry is selected, the prize will be awarded in your honor and you’ll even get to present the check to your school!

The five subjects include Math, Reading, Science, English, and Social Studies or History. There is no purchase necessary to enter the grand prize drawing but winnings will be deposited into a new or existing savings account in the student’s name. Click here for complete program details and official rules.