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To report a lost or stolen debit or ATM card after business hours call (888) 849-6046.


UCB Rewards Checking
Earn points for things you do every day! A FREE Rewards Checking Account from UCB allows you to earn points toward gift cards or travel with each signature based debit card transaction. UCB's unique program also enables you to earn points by paying your bills through UCB's Online Billpay. Open a Rewards Checking Account from UCB and start earning today.

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  • Up to 6000 bonus points for opening a new account
  • Say "Credit," sign and earn points for everyday purchases
  • Earn 25 points for each bill paid through UCB's Online Billpay
  • Free E-Statements (required with account)
  • Add additional coverage to your account with Overdraft Protection

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Overdraft Protection Options
Overdraft Protection
  • Overdraft Privilege Plus: Overdrafts, including debit card transactions, are covered up to a pre-approved limit
  • Account Link: Overdrafts are covered by funds from a secondary UCB account
  • Reserve Cash: Overdrafts are covered by funds from a line of credit

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Online BillPay
  • Pay bills easily and securely
  • Save money. No checks or stamps required
  • Reference payee information or past payment reports quickly and easily

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