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To report a lost or stolen debit or ATM card after business hours call (888) 849-6046.

Debit and Credit Cards

Business Gift Cards

Give the gift that won't be returned! Shop for clients, employees or anyone else all in one place! A gift card from UCB can be used anywhere Visa is accepted and is the perfect gift for any occasion:

  • Employee / Staff bonuses
  • Salesperson spiffs
  • Client / Customer thank you gifts
  • Client / Customer holiday gifts
  • Any other gift-giving occasion

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Merchant Services
Merchant Services
  • Increase your overall cash flow and reduce your operating costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction by offering them multiple payment options
  • Speed up the checkout process and increase your average sale
  • Protect your business from losses caused by bad checks and having large sums of cash on hand

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Payroll Cards
  • Re-loadable cards that can be used in lieu of a payroll check or direct deposit
  • A quick and cost-effective way to issue funds to employees

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